Key Insights: Māori

Embedding te ao Māori in the criminal justice system

Respondents emphasise the need to embed a Māori worldview across the criminal justice system. The role of tikanga Māori and Te Tiriti o Waitangi are given particular importance at all stages of the justice system.

More holistic, indigenous rehabilitation centres underpinned by te reo Māori me ngā tikanga.

Prisons need to be run differently, less, European approach, more te ao Māori focus on healing and culture and the significance of wellness from culture.

There is the opportunity to apply a Māori framework to the justice system. How can issues be dealt with on a marae? Instead of an individual being judged, how do we understand that offending is situated within whānau and hapū. There are no silos on a marae.

Māori leadership

A number of responses state that Māori should assume a leadership role in deciding on specific interventions for Māori. Responses also emphasise the importance of increasing the number of Māori staff and service providers.

Led by Māori for Māori.

Māori have to the decision-makers – not just the stakeholders.

Māori are the only people that can fix our problems. Puao Te atatu still stands as a relevant document to how Māori want to be treated and live their lives. Puao te atatu has a lot of the answers that are relevant for our people today.

There are Māori out there can deliver. Can’t be by people who have a university understanding of Māori values tika, pono, etc. Deliverers need to both understand & be the change.

Māori to self-determine the solutions

Many responses emphasise a need for Māori to be self-determining in developing the future foundation of the justice system in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Māori have the solutions but we need the space to self-determine.

Solutions to justice should be by Māori for Māori.

Actually give the Mana back to Marae, Iwi, Whānau, Hapu. Then we’re all on the same page.

Co-design is an expression to Tino Rangatiratanga. Co-design is us with another agencies, but unless part of co-design includes whanau hapu iwi, then we’ll get parts of the necessary change only.

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