We heard from victims of crime that the criminal justice system is not working for those who have experienced harm.

“We need to create more opportunities to meet the needs of all those impacted by crime throughout and before the criminal process.”

This page contains only a small part of what we heard – check out the Summit Playback for the full summary.

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Victims are not supported

People who have been victimised want opportunities to be heard, listened to, and to be believed. The current system fails victims by not keeping them safe from further trauma.

The system is difficult to navigate

Summit participants thought that criminal justice rules and laws are stacked against victims. They said it takes courage and strength to speak up in an overwhelming, complex system.

Victims should be at the centre of reform

Summit participants said that a future justice system should have victims at its centre. The system should empower victims with a greater range of options for responding to harm.

Check out the Summit Playback(external link) for the full summary of what we heard at the Summit(external link)

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