Summit participants emphasised that transforming our criminal justice system requires courage and needs to be bold and brave in scope.

There was an overwhelming sense of urgency to shift from talking about change, towards reforming the justice system together.

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This page contains only a small part of what we heard – check out the Summit Playback for the full summary.

Reform needs to be depoliticised

Many Summit participants felt that criminal justice issues had been overly politicised. We heard that for too long policies have been developed from knee-jerk reactions to unique events, and we need long-term sustainable change.

This is bigger than ‘criminal justice’

Many Summit participants emphasised that meaningful system reform will require support from multiple agencies to address the underlying issues than contribute to offending. This must include the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Development, Oranga Tamariki, Te Puni Kokiri, and ACC, among others.

Be bold and brave

We heard that being bold requires:

  • adopting new behaviours
  • including people with lived experience at the decision-making level
  • agencies acknowledging that they don’t always have the answer
  • government and communities developing trusting relationships
  • designing new models for working with communities, rather than imposing solutions on them

Check out the Summit Playback for the full summary of what we heard at the Summit.

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