Māori participants at the Summit put out a strong call for change and to lead the solutions for their people.

"Māori should be providing the solutions to build whānau resilience to care for their tamariki and rangatahi.”

A wide range of voices were heard

This page contains only a small part of what we heard – check out the Summit Playback for the full summary.

Māori are disproportionately represented at every stage of the criminal justice system

Summit participants spoke about how New Zealand’s history and colonisation have had a negative impact on the wellbeing of Māori.

They expressed hurt and anger at a system that has historically been imposed on Māori, and currently neglects a te ao Māori approach and tikanga principles.

Racism and bias

Many participants at the Summit expressed concern at the systemic racism that people experience. Many Summit participants shared examples of the justice system treating them with bias, and perpetuating harm for them and their whānau.

Māori solutions

There was a call for the Government to make bold moves that would make a real difference to people, such as devolving power to Māori and devolving power to communities.

Check out the Summit Playback for the full summary of what we heard at the Summit.


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