Many Summit participants felt that the current ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ is not working for communities, whānau and individuals.

When supported appropriately, communities can be innovative in finding solutions for problems that are tailored to their people.

“Resilient, confident and thriving young people are grown in communities that themselves are resilient, confident and thriving.”

This page contains only a small part of what we heard – check out the Summit Playback for the full summary.

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Support communities to develop their own solutions

Summit participants said that communities are setting up their own programmes, which they felt are helping people and whānau. Communities know their people and their needs best and should be empowered to make change.

Support whānau to stay connected

Many Summit participants reflected on the harm caused by having a family member in prison. The whole whānau experiences the ripple effects of their loss, and this can reverberate through generations.

Focus on our children

Summit participants told us that the system is inflicting trauma on children which often goes unrecognised and untreated. Any future justice system needs to better support children and their whānau from birth.

Check out the Summit Playback for the full summary of what we heard at the Summit

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