Behaviour Management in Schools

Managing problem behaviour in schools is very important from an educational perspective. There is also clear international evidence that behavioural interventions in schools can reduce offending and victimisation.

Early Interventions for Under 13s

Early intervention for children under 13 can reduce teenage and adult offending. It can also improve children’s intellectual development, academic achievement and health. • For every 12-21 childhood interventions, one fewer will offend in adolescence.

Post-release Supervision

There is some international research which shows that supervision for offenders released from prison reduces reoffending, however, New Zealand evidence is limited.

Mental Health Courts

Ninety-one percent of prisoners have been diagnosed with either a substance abuse, or mental health problem over their lifetime. Mental Health Courts help in some cases to reduce offending.

New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey 2014: Main Findings

The New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS): : Te Rangahau O Aotearoa Mo Te Taihara Me Te Haumarutanga 2014: was a face-to-face survey of almost 7000 randomly chosen people living in New Zealand who were aged 15 or o...

Youth Prosecution Statistics 2017

This summary highlights key data trends in the youth prosecution statistics published by Statistics NZ. These statistics include information on children (aged 10 - 13) and young people (aged 14 - 16) with charges in court between 1992 and 2017.