Youth Justice Indicators Summary Report

This report was written to help everyone involved in youth justice to understand system-wide trends and issues.

Key findings

There has been a very large reduction in the number of children aged 10 to 13 and young people aged 14 to 16 who offend.

  • The proportion of children who offend declined by 59%.
  • The proportion of young people who offend declined by 63%.
  • For almost all of the children and young people referred for a youth justice family group conference, someone had previously expressed concern that they or their family needed help.
  • While there have been overall drops in youth offending volumes and rates, the degree of improvement has not been as significant for some groups, particularly young Māori.
  • the reduction in the offending rate for young people since 2009/10 has been much higher for European/Other (74%) than for Pasifika (61%) and Māori (59%).
  • between 2014/15 and 2016/17, the Youth Court appearance rate for Māori increased by 23%, while the rate for non-Māori reduced by 12% in comparison

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