Restorative Justice Victim Satisfaction Survey

The Restorative Justice Victim Satisfaction Survey measures victims’ experiences of, and satisfaction with Ministry of Justice-funded restorative justice processes.

Key findings

  • Most victims (86%) were satisfied and would recommend restorative justice.
  • Most victims (93%) felt well prepared for the conference.
  • Most victims (84%) wanted the offender to know the impact of the offence on them.
  • Most victims (95%) thought the conference was well managed.
  • Follow-up after the conference was important to victims. Of the 61% of victims who said they were contacted by the facilitator after the conference, 88% thought the contact was useful.
  • A majority (75%) of respondents were able to name at least one way that restorative justice had benefited them.
  • Satisfaction was increased when victims’ voices were heard.
  • Victims who did not attend the conference were also satisfied with their contact with the provider.

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