Summit participants described their vision of a criminal justice system that we can be proud of:

  • Our future criminal justice system needs to be based on our unique Treaty of Waitangi partnership, and our values and identity as New Zealanders.
  • The wellbeing of the individual, their family and whānau, and the community needs to be at the heart of the system.
  • The system needs to embed principles of prevention, restoration, habilitation and reintegration, and be driven by communities and uphold values such as dignity, aroha, compassion and accountability.

This page contains only a small part of what we heard – check out the Summit Playback(external link) for the full summary.

Principles Guiding Values


Moving towards a system that cares

"The system is still primarily focused on incarceration and punishment, when it should be focused on harm minimisation through prevention, rehabilitation, and restoration."

Summit participants described a compassionate system – going the extra mile, actively listening, looking for ways to help, considering connections with whānau, protecting mana as taonga and empathetically steering people on to a better path.

Check out the Summit Playback(external link) for a full summary of what we heard at the Summit.



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